What is Chevrolet MyLink?

Chevrolet MyLink

Chevy MyLink Feature Overview

As more car manufacturers incorporate an increasing number of technological features and tools, Chevrolet is remaining competitive with what is provided in its latest models. Chevrolet MyLink is one of the primary tech features that is included in newer Chevy models to increase safety on the road and offer convenience to drivers. MyLink allows drivers to have access to a seven-inch screen on the dashboard that is within reach of the steering wheel and is easy to control.

Chevrolet MyLink will allow you to increase your level of communication on the road while also enjoying many different entertainment options that are provided. The device quickly pairs with various smartphones and doesn't always have to be connected to the phone to operate.

A Treasure Trove of Multimedia

Streaming music apps like Pandora is an option when listening to various genres. You can select songs that you prefer, which will allow the apps to learn what you enjoy listening to in the car. The entertainment system is generous with the features that are included to enjoy your favorite tunes. With a subscription, SiriusXM is included and does not need to be connected to your smartphone device to play songs. AM/FM HD radio and SiriusXM® satellite radio are also available and is simple to use when speaking different commands. Various memory slots included ensuring that your favorite radio stations are played.

Voice command is the primary way of using MyLink to ensure that you can continue to steer the car without trying to skip the song that is playing or adjust the temperature in the cabin.

Although texting and driving are one of the leading causes of collisions on the road, drivers who own a model with Chevrolet MyLink can continue to send and receive messages without having to look down at their smartphone. The device will read out each message that you receive and will allow you to respond by composing a new text message. It will quickly learn your voice and recognize words that you speak, which can let you get more done on the road without putting yourself or others at risk.

Hands-free phone calls are also convenient to make without having to pick up your smartphone device. You can access your list of contacts on the touchscreen and even view recent calls to stay connected to your family members or co-workers while driving in the car.

It's easy to avoid delays when using MyLink with the advanced navigation system that will inform you of road closures or collisions. You can find various routes to take, depending on how quickly you want to arrive. The device will also allow you to view how much fuel you'll use depending on the route that you take. An address book is included where you can store places that you frequently visit. You can quickly click your home or work address when using the GPS to ensure that you don't have to type in the address each time manually.

Drivers don't have to worry about syncing their phone and reconnecting it to MyLink during each ride, which takes time. The device automatically connects to smartphones that are paired with the car once the vehicle is turned on, making it easy to get in and begin driving to where you're headed.

Checking the weather is also convenient with MyLink when you want to stay informed of the forecast for the day or week.

Contact us or visit our dealership to learn more about MyLink and the car models that are built with the device. We'll answer your questions and can assist you with learning how to use the technology when choosing the right Chevrolet to drive.

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