Hacking Vulnerabilities In Today's Cars

Interior Leather is a Good Thing

Hacking has been around since the first computer networks were established in modern society, so it's nothing new, but compared to home networks and phone networks, car hacking is a relatively new phenomenon. And it's also a potentially deadly one. Your vehicle is supposed to be a place that's safe from the prying eyes of hackers who might want to exploit your car's computer systems to gain access to your car and/or personal information being transmitted via sometimes unsecured WiFi networks. It's a modern nightmare that people are only just now recognizing and waking up to. Now that we know that car hacking is a real thing - it's possible for hackers to exploit keyless entry to gain access to your vehicle - we also know there are ways to combat this form of hacking. If you have a very connected modern vehicle, it's your duty to make your vehicle a hack-free zone. That means researching and taking steps like you're doing right now. You're reading about how to prevent car hacking from happening to you. Here are just a few of the many ways you can make your car safer.

Make Your Car A Hack-Free Zone

While there are dozens of things you can do to make your car safer against hacking, there are a few definite ways that you should begin to secure your car and make it a hack-free zone.

Interior Leather is a Good Thing
  • On-Board Diagnostics Port: Your On-Board Diagnostics port is what a mechanic uses to access all of the computer information about your vehicle's many parts. Microcomputers make it possible for mechanics to gain access to this information, but if you give other devices access to the OBD port, you're taking your car's security into your own hands, and it's not in a way that's very wise. The OBD is the heart of your vehicle. It's what gives people access to everything that makes a vehicle "smart." Be smart yourself and protect your OBD port with all of your might. Don't plug in unauthorized devices or other things that might exploit your OBD.
  • Keyless Entry: Remote entry is a real convenience, and everyone can understand why you want to use this method of getting into your car. Realize, though, that hackers can also exploit FOB systems and gain entry to your car, perhaps to steal it or to get information from your personal communication. Make sure that if you're going to use keyless entry that you follow recommended advice on how to secure this type of entry.
  • Careful using apps to start your car: Remember that if you can start your vehicle with an app that a hacker can also use a phone to start your vehicle. When you start transmitting this type of information for convenience, you might not think much about it. Be extremely cautious when using this method to start your car, and make sure that you always update the software that makes this type of car-start possible. Why? Well, if you keep your software updated, you have a much better chance of having the newest hacker-resistant technology on the app. And that's exactly what you need to have.

Discuss Hacker Issues With Us

If you have more questions about making your car a hack-free zone, you can give us a call at any time or simply stop by our dealership in Sanford and ask us questions in person. We want our customers to always feel safe when they're in their cars, and in today's modern world, computer safety is important for your vehicle as well. Call or stop by today.

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