How do I manage and schedule my service visits with the myChevrolet App?

Basics of the myChevrolet App

Apps are a well-known commodity in the modern world. We use them to schedule flights, keep track of our food intake, and even track our exercises. Their usefulness is nearly limitless to us in terms of keeping track of our daily lives and reminding ourselves of the things we need to know and track. Chevrolet crafted the myChevrolet App for just this reason: to keep track of all the things that matter on your Chevrolet vehicle. Service visits are something that many owners forget to keep up with, so it's super handy that the myChevrolet App is capable of keeping up with your service dates and sending out helpful reminders. To make it even one step more useful, they've given you the power to schedule service visits at your local Chevrolet dealer. Handy!

How To Manage and Schedule

Managing your service visits with your myChevrolet App is going to be one of the most useful things you've ever used. First things first: you'll need to register at the Chevrolet Owner Center. Your dealer will be useful in this respect. They'll let you know where to go to register if you haven't already discovered the address online. Just ask. One of the features allows you to set your preferred dealer so that your service visits will be easy to keep up with. Go to this location and input all of your local dealer's necessary information.

In the area of your local dealer, you'll be able to do two essential things. You can get service reminders when your service time is up, and you can check for safety recalls. If you see any recalls, you can easily schedule a visit to take care of that recall's action. Chevrolet owners have it good. The myChevrolet App is one of the most useful tools to come along in the auto industry in a long time, and it makes keeping your Chevrolet vehicle running in great shape a breeze.

Learn More

If you're still in the dark about what to do in order to set up service reminders, don't feel bad. If you're not tech-savvy, this may all sound foreign to you. Simply get on the phone now or write to us and let us know that you need help. Our friendly techs will be happy to get you all set up for service reminders and scheduling.