Chevrolet and Domino's, Making Pizza Ordering Easy

Domino's Pizza Ordering

How is Chevrolet and Domino's Making Pizza Ordering Easier?

Nothing says America like Chevrolet and pizza. Now, America's favorite automaker is teaming up with Domino's to help make pizza delivery easier than ever. Working with Chevy's innovative technology, you can now order your pizza from the comfort of your own Chevy car, truck or SUV.

A Few Simple Steps to Get Started

Working with the new Chevy Marketplace in-vehicle app, Chevy owners will be able to order their pizza and have their payment processed instantly. The process requires just a few simple steps to get started. First, the vehicle owner will set-up his pizza profile. With his pizza profile, the owner will put in their customer information, preferred Domino's location and payment information. Once the pizza profile is set-up, the Chevy owner can then place their order and have that order processed in seconds.

Both Pick-up and Delivery Options

For over 50 years, Domino's has innovated the pizza business by guaranteeing 30 minutes or less delivery service. By combining Chevy's Marketplace ease of use and Domino's quick delivery service, it has never been easier for people to get their favorite pizza, pasta and dessert dishes delivered to their home. For those who prefer to pick-up their order, Marketplace allows for both a pick-up and delivery option.

Marketplace debuted in December of 2017. Since then, the Marketplace has added a number of merchants including Domino's. With Marketplace, Chevy owners are able to access a number of products and services. In fact, Marketplace allows for the world's first embedded fuel payment system. This is one of the many innovations found on most Chevy cars, trucks and SUVs.

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