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About Kids House of Seminole in Sanford

Kids hand huddle  

Child abuse and trauma take an enormous toll on children, not just in their childhood but into their adulthood as well. That's why non-profit organizations like Kids House of Seminole exist. When good people intervene to offset the "bad people'' in the world, kids have better childhoods. Kids House provides a host of child advocacy programs that fight on behalf of children who unfortunately can't fight for themselves. They help both the kids and the people who will care for them as they deal with the trauma they've experienced.

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How do I manage and schedule my service visits with the myChevrolet App?


Basics of the myChevrolet App

Apps are a well-known commodity in the modern world. We use them to schedule flights, keep track of our food intake, and even track our exercises. Their usefulness is nearly limitless to us in terms of keeping track of our daily lives and reminding ourselves of the things we need to know and track. Chevrolet crafted the myChevrolet App for just this reason: to keep track of all the things that matter on your Chevrolet vehicle.

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