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About Kids House of Seminole in Sanford

Kids hand huddle  

Child abuse and trauma take an enormous toll on children, not just in their childhood but into their adulthood as well. That's why non-profit organizations like Kids House of Seminole exist. When good people intervene to offset the "bad people'' in the world, kids have better childhoods. Kids House provides a host of child advocacy programs that fight on behalf of children who unfortunately can't fight for themselves. They help both the kids and the people who will care for them as they deal with the trauma they've experienced.

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Hacking Vulnerabilities In Today's Cars


Hacking has been around since the first computer networks were established in modern society, so it's nothing new, but compared to home networks and phone networks, car hacking is a relatively new phenomenon. And it's also a potentially deadly one. Your vehicle is supposed to be a place that's safe from the prying eyes of hackers who might want to exploit your car's computer systems to gain access to your car and/or personal information being transmitted via sometimes unsecured WiFi networks. It's a modern nightmare that people are only just now recognizing and waking…

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