Which Chevy Models have Apple CarPlay?

Apple CarPlay with iPhone in Chevrolet

Although it surprises many shoppers, almost every base Chevrolet model has Apple CarPlay. That's because Chevrolet has placed a priority on providing the contemporary connectivity that our customers crave.

So, which models have it? In short, every base edition of every Chevrolet model except the Chevrolet Colorado, which means you get Apple CarPlay even if you are watching your budget and choosing from the Sonic or Spark. Shoppers drive away with Apple CarPlay if they are going green with the Chevy Volt or Bolt. Sedan lovers can choose the Cruze, Malibu or Impala and be assured that Apple CarPlay is on board. The Chevy Trax, Equinox, and the three-row Chevy SUVs all have Apple CarPlay. Last but not least, the Silverado 1500 comes equipped with this valuable smartphone integration tool.

The Chevrolet Colorado adds Apple CarPlay with a touchscreen on the LT, which means it is not on the Base or Work Truck (WT) editions. However, you can add a touchscreen to the WT trim, and Apple CarPlay will come along for the ride. If you choose the LT or higher editions of the Silverado Heavy Duty trucks, you can get this connectivity as well.

Does Apple CarPlay Require a Separate Subscription?

Apple CarPlay doesn't require a separate subscription. All you need is a Chevrolet and an iPhone. Your Chevy MyLink system can do the rest. If you don't have an iPhone, don't worry. Android Auto is also on board to perform the same functions for your Android smartphone.

How Can I Reply to Text Messages While Driving My Chevy?

Direct connectivity with the Apple iPhone system simplifies many functions for users. Siri voice controls can answer questions and find programming. It's easy to reply to incoming text messages because you can use the text by voice function.

What is Available on My Touchscreen?

Your unique music apps and audiobook programming may be available on your touchscreen. Since they are familiar, you can understand and use the menus quickly.

Can Apple Maps Be on My Touchscreen?

Likewise, Apple Maps can be sent to your touchscreen, which is a great benefit because you can enjoy streaming navigational tools, directions, and maps.

Are There Any Other Benefits To Having Apple CarPlay?

If you spend any time working on your car, truck or SUV, Apple CarPlay can be a real asset. It keeps you in touch with the office since it can read your messages and help you reply. It provides navigation to your destination and helps you find alternate routes around traffic.

To see how Apple CarPlay works, bring your iPhone to our dealership. You can pick out your favorite Chevy, and we'll help you get connected.

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