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Kids House of Seminole

Child abuse and trauma take an enormous toll on children, not just in their childhood but into their adulthood as well. That's why non-profit organizations like Kids House of Seminole exist. When good people intervene to offset the "bad people'' in the world, kids have better childhoods. Kids House provides a host of child advocacy programs that fight on behalf of children who unfortunately can't fight for themselves. They help both the kids and the people who will care for them as they deal with the trauma they've experienced.

The Mission of Kids House

The primary goal of Kids House is to "break the cycle of violence and end child abuse forever." It's a lofty, noble goal that someone has to aspire to before this type of human behavior is extinguished for good. Their programs include a full Child Advocate Program that includes multiple formats of follow-up support. For example, they provide:

  • Crisis intervention
  • Information on abuse dynamics
  • Reliable referrals to other community agencies that can help kids and people who care for them
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They also have a Child Protection Team. This team includes examinations by forensic medical examiners who can assess the type of injury a child might have gone through. They provide expert court testimony for people trying to help kids get out of the abusive environments they're in. They even provide training modules for law enforcement and other agencies that need to detect instances of child abuse and know when to remove children from danger.

Mental health programs, medical trauma programs, and professional training are all other parts of the Kids House of Seminole. However, it's the children themselves who benefit most from their services. When people are trained to recognize child abuse and quickly intervene in a way that's best for the child, all children grow up in a safer, happier environment. Adults owe it to kids to get involved in their lives. Sadly, not every child has an advocate or a person who cares about them. That's when places like Kids House of Seminole steps in and does the hard work it takes to make the world a safe place for these beautiful children.

Where You Can Learn More

Anyone interested in knowing more about Kids House is welcome to visit their website and read more about their services. Each service is there to make a child's life safer and so much happier.

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