2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV Exterior

What's New for the 2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV?

Not everything is known yet for this upcoming vehicle, but we do know that the new vehicle will have LT and RS trim levels. One of the main new things is just the vehicle itself since it will be a much more affordable electric vehicle than what has come before.

Chevrolet Equinox Trims and Features

The basic trim level is likely going to have space for about 5 people. It will have a futuristic-looking dashboard. It will likely have Android Autio, a Wi-Fi hotspot, CarPlay, and at least a few USB ports. The vehicle will also be using the Ultium platform from GM.

The LT trim level is likely going to be more basic, with the RS trim level being more sporty with more aesthetic options lending themselves in that direction. The expectation is that the range will be around 250 and 300 miles. There's also every chance that you're going to get the DC fast charging option.

The RS trim appears to have a carbon-colored dash. Many of the teasers have appeared to show central displays that are large and a cluster of digital gauges.

2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV Interior

2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV Horsepower

Rumors say that the vehicle will have single and dual motors configurations, meaning it will have a higher horsepower output than the 200 hp generated from the single electric motor in the Bolt EUV. The likelihood is that you'll have a single-speed automatic option with front-wheel drive for the LT, whereas the RS could have all-wheel drive.

Chevy Equinox EV Safety

It's not fully known exactly what safety features the 2024 Equinox EV will have, but it will likely have advanced systems similar to what other vehicles in this category have. This includes auto braking and forward collision warning for starters. There will likely be detection suites like blind-spot monitoring and cross-traffic alarms.

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